Illusion and dreams

My dog and I were strolling through the orchard and she told me that projection and illusion are veils that have made it difficult for many people to find the right person to share life with. Sometimes, we find a friend who we can walk with for a week or a few months. Some friends develop deeper connections and the friendships last forever. Some people magically become much more than friends and that is beautiful in the same way and also other ways. I believe that we each have a path where we find bliss and in that, we shine much brighter and are able to achieve a greater good while also being enriched. The individual path is sometimes unknown because it has not been cleared by others yet it is always there. The path is revealed through many senses, not always at the same time yet it always feels right.
Everyone in the world is so different from each other. On a basic level, I believe that people are not so different from each other in that we have hopes and dreams. I think that the divisions are in how we approach our hopes and dreams.

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