While driving to town to pick up hot coco and some rawhide treats this morning, my dog Chloe noticed that quite a few people have piles of sand near their houses.
She asked me what the sand piles were about.
At first, I thought that the people wanted to be ants. Chloe seemed to like that and she smiled for a while.
Then I suggested that those people are Pentecostals or Southern Baptists and they have been praying for the end to come. I suggested that their inner creative selves have been preparing sculptures that will form when they have their big day and the nukes do their business making a huge sea of glass.
Then it dawned on me that God wanted to make a marble.
As the supreme being, God could have just thought the marble into being. But THAT would be too easy. So, he went ahead and built this place and let the monkeys have free will.
Some of the monkeys left their trees and followed herd animals out across the savannas. For nourishment, they ate what they could find which included different types of mushrooms. Some of the mushrooms opened up the consciousnesses of a few of the monkey’s and they began to think more complex thoughts. After that, little villages were born around the notion of specialization. The thinkers realized that some of the monkeys were better suited for gathering and others were better at making things.
Quite some time passed and the villages grew into cities and then finally wars began to happen.
That marble is getting nearer.

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