of like and love

My dog and I were sitting by the fire in the lanai and she told me that “like is someone you enjoy being with and you can talk to them about most things. It feels good. Like can pick up a conversation where it had left off months or years later.
Love, meaning fondness or acceptance is exchanged with a little more effort and it embodies sincerity. Love, an upgrade from like, is pleasant in an exchanging ice-cream at the park on a cozy blanket for two sort of way. With love, you do not need the blanket or the ice cream to enjoy the exchanging. Love is noticed when absent and you feel it when it is removed from you.
True love is better. True love inspires you to improve beyond your previous self and you begin to notice beauty that before, did not exist. True love is an adventure where you do not know the destination and that really does not matter.”
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