Love, for many, is an elusive dreamer’s dream fluttering ahead and sometimes drifting behind. It can seem so out of reach. The search brings brilliant glimpses of hope that when deferred, reveal the darkest of shadows.

The brilliance can seem blinding and life instinct may build the desire to run from the glimmer into darkness. In darkness, fears are born. Fears subside with kindness and acceptance. Kindness and acceptance are where roots grow deep. From those roots, love is born.

Love opens up a place inside where nothing else quite fits. No-one can define the outer edges of what love can hold. When love is noticed, the mind and the body will always long to be there. That longing is a start of a new journey where pliability instinctively lets you learn.
When two on the same journey communicate openly and honestly, understanding begins. With understanding, love will last.

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