being remembered

In the end, when no moments remain, just the final exhale, the satisfaction that you will have or that you will not have, has nothing to do with retirement, achievement, personal gain or how many people know your name. It will have everything to do with how you lived.
Will you be remembered? What will you be remembered for? Will you leave something behind? Will those who knew you be proud to have known you for who you were in regards to them and for who you were in regards to yourself? Will you know that your contributions left this world better than it was before you existed?
Did you love deeply regardless of what you might get or might not get out of that? Did you look adversity in the eye and never give up? Did you finish what you started? Did you selflessly raise others up where you could?
Do you know that right now, this very moment, you have the choice to begin doing what you should be doing?
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